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slhw is a multidisciplinary studio in Montreuil, where art, textiles and clothing intertwine. Hurley-Walker’s work is centred around the human form - often isolated figures within a layered composition of colour and organic markings. Shapes and lines are taken from the world around her and expressed through pattern and textures: treating garments and rugs as paintings.

All pieces at slhw are unique and each piece is meticulously worked over. Creating anything has environmental implications. Hurley-Walker strives to improve sourcing, and, whenever possible, resists the ease of buying new, often cheaper, yarn, fabrics and materials - instead using deadstock yarn and fabrics, and in most cases natural fibers.

Hurley-Walker works with other artists, musicians and companies on collaborative projects creating anything from album design to zines to video to physical installations.

Pieces can be viewed and fitted at the studio by appointment. Please contact for collaborations and commissions.