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Anna B Savage, in|FLUX
Art Direction | Tour Outfits  | Album Design

“We shot the visuals for Anna B Savage’s 2nd Album, in|FLUX on the Yorkshire moors, shooting inside a cottage, up the mountains and in waterfalls - creating images of a ghostly natural world that Anna inhabits alone.

Her album, in|FLUX, focuses on duality, two sides of oneself, always battling for prominence. One side: closed, full of introspection, vulnerable with a stilted inability to express something. And a second side that is more certain, more vocal and expressive of self-assuredness.

It was important to us that the visuals played in these concepts, juxtaposing colours, hard and soft textures in the same composition. Creating the double layer outfit from dead stock mesh and dried flowers, we wanted to achieve the feeling of a person, maybe herself, under her skin, that she can’t, nor should she want to, escape.”

Photography by the immensely talented Katie Silvester.

  • Creative direction of album campaign
  • LP + CD packaging design and creation
  • Printed and digital assets for campaign 
  • Art direction of shoot
  • Merch design
  • Tour outfits